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Three floors of rights for women and children

“The house of Marietou”  is a project that aims to the construction and the start-up of a multifunctional, humanist centre at Pikine Icotaf: supporting equal rights, the emancipation of women, the right to health, right to a childhood, to play and free education, to fight discrimination, gender-based violence and ignorance.

“The house of Marietou” wants to give voice to all those Senegalese women who bears the burden of household chores and lack of education and professional development opportunities. Women that are often victims of abuse, sexual discrimination and economic slavery, outside and within the “extended” family in which they live.

The project participants are linked by a “humanist attitude” that affirms: the equality of all human beings, freedom of ideas and beliefs, repudiation of violence, the pursuit of consistency in the actions and the need for solidarity among peoples.

The project involves the provision of basic social services for women and children, such as education and health, the promotion of income-generating activities for women and the diffusion and protection of women’s rights in the municipality of Pikine, located on the eastern outskirts of Dakar, capital of Senegal.

English translation: Martina Barbati